Top 10 Famous Places to Visit in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is formerly known as Madras. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the Bay of Bengal in Eastern India. Chennai, Tamil Nadu is located in South India. It is one of the biggest economic and educational centres in South India. It is one of the biggest Information Technology industries in India. In Chennai, there are also other biggest businesses running on each and every day.

Everyday lot of peoples are visit Chennai due to their own work or office work or tourist purpose or etc. we’re sure that, you already visited Chennai at least once in your life or want to visit Chennai at least once. Chennai is having full of famous places and famous temples. By visiting these places, we can cherish ourselves and got beautiful memories throughout your life. The famous places to visit in Chennai are given below. Read these places and know about the details of these places. It will be helpful for your next trip in Chennai.

  • Marina Beach
  • Thousand Lights Mosque
  • Elliot’s Beach
  • Ashtalakshmi Temple
  • Government Museum
  • Sri Parthasarathy Temple
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple
  • MGR Film City
  • Arignar Anna Zoological Park
  • VGP Golden Beach
  • Vivekananda House
  • Fort St. George
  • Victoria Public Hall
  • Chennai Rail Museum

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is the longest beach in India. It is the longest natural urban beach in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is one of the longest beaches in World. Marina Beach is located along the Bay of Bengal. Marina Beach runs from Foreshore Estate in the South to Fort St. George in the North. Marina Beach is dangerous, so bathing and swimming are prohibited. Marina Beach is one of the most crowded beaches in India.

chennai marina beach

Marina Beach is a amazing place. Visit in the Sun rising time or Sun setting will definitely get thrilling experience at the beach. We can refresh our mood by visiting the Marina Beach. Marina Beach is the perfect pale to visit with family or relatives or friends. Beach is cover with full of sand, so we can play volleyball. Food stalls, toys stalls etc are installed along the beach side. So we can buy food, toys, artificial jewellery etc.

Address: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Thousand Lights Mosque

Thousand Lights Mosque is the most prominent revered mosques of the Chennai city. It is worship place and gathering place for Muslims. Daily prayers and festival occasion prayers are done at Thousand Lights Mosque. The name of Thousand Lights Mosque was come due to back in old days 1000 oil lamps are required to light up the prayer hall.

thousand lights mosque chennai

The look of Thousand Lights Mosque was spectacular. The architecture style of Thousand Lights Mosque was extraordinary. It is one of the popular places in Chennai city. The Thousand Lights Mosque has two minarets and each minaret is height is above 64 feet. The look of Thousand Lights Mosque at night is excellent and beautiful.

Address: Royapettah, Peters Road, Peters Colony, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600086.

Elliot’s Beach

Elliot’s Beach is located at Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is popularly known as Besant Nagar Beach or Bessie. Elliot’s Beach is a sand beach. It is maintained by Corporation of Chennai. It is a famous place in Chennai city to visit with family or relatives or friends. Elliot’s Beach is a beautiful beach and was named after Edward Elliot. The end point of Marina Beach is Elliot’s Beach.

chennai elliots beach

The places to visit neat Elliot’s Beach are Ashtalakshmi temple, Annai Vailankanni Church etc. it is the famous and beautiful place. Elliot’s Beach is crowded in evening and week end days. Street foods to branded food outlets are available at Elliot’s Beach. Evening time is the best time for enjoyment at Elliot’s Beach with family or friends. Elliot’s Beach is a calm place and also great place for moonlight walk.

Address: Besant Nagar, Chennai, India

Ashtalakshmi Temple

Ashtalakshmi Temple is also called Arulmigu Sri Paindi Amman Temple. It is the most amazing and rich Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. There are eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi in Ashtalakshmi Temple. It is near to seashore. Ashtalakshmi Temple is the famous and ancient temple in Chennai. It has around 3 floors and each contains the one or two forms of Ashtalakshmi. It is few kilometers away from Besant Beach.

ashtalakshmi temple chennai

The eight forms of Ashtalakshmi are Adi Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santana Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi and Vijaya Lakshmi. The devotees or travelers, who visited Ashtalakshmi Temple can feel relaxed. The ocean echo in Ashtalakshmi Temple will make us more peaceful. This is the ideal place for spirituality. Staying in Ashtalakshmi Temple will give rest from all our daily life worries.

Address: Beach Rd, Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600090.

Government Museum

The Government Museum, Chennai was started in 1851. The Government of Museum is also called Madras Museum. It is a 170 year old museum. It is the second oldest museum in India and Indian Museum, Kolkata is the first old museum in India. It is the tenth oldest museum and third largest museum in worldwide. It is the most famous and prominent museum in Tamil Nadu and also in India. It was maintained by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. This museum was located at neighbourhood of Egmore, Chennai.

government museum chennai

The Government Museum has the largest collections of bronze idols. The collection size in Government Museum is almost 1.7 million. In this museum, you will see the ancient articles and also latest articles. In Government Museum, colossal museum theatre is the most impressive. National art Gallery is also present in the Government Museum premises. Truly, we can say Government Museum is the place, where we can visit in Chennai with kids and family.

Address: Government Maternity Hospital, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600008

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

Sri Parthasarathy temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is an amazing temple in Chennai and that attract the tourists. It is the only in the world, where Lord Krishna is with a moustache. It is a 6th century Hindu temple. Here, the name ‘Parthasarathy’ means the ‘charioteer of Arjuna’, which refers to Lord Krishna role as a charioteer to Arjuna in the epic Mahabharata. It is a fantastic temple with great architecture. This temple has the spectacular history, art and tradition.

sri parthasarathy temple chennai

Sri Parthasarathy temple will give vibration to our body. The different sections in Parthasarathy temple are painted with different colors. Photography in Parthasarathy temple is prohibited. It is situated at Triplicane. It is the oldest ancient temple in Chennai. Water tank was situated in the premises of Parthasarathy temple and is considered as holy. The festival is held in this water tank.

Address: Narayana Krishnaraja Puram, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600005.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

Lord Shiva was dedicated in Kapaleeshwarar temple. This temple was built in seventh century. The entrance of Kapaleeshwarar Temple was situated exactly in front of God. The architecture of Kapaleeshwarar temple Gopuram indicates the Dravidian architecture style. Goddess Parvati is also worshiped in this temple. The inner look and outlook of Kapaleeshwarar temple was marvelous.

kapaleeshwarar temple chennai

Kapaleeshwarar temple is the heart of the Mylapore area. It is the most visited and prominent temple in Chennai. It is one of the ancient temples in Chennai. The crowd in Monday and week days are very high, when compare with remaining days. The shrines of Lord Ganesha, Lord Subrahmanya Swamy etc are appearing in the temple.

Address: Ramakrishna Mutt Road, Vinayaka Nagar Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600004.

MGR Film City

The MGR film city is located in Taramani, Chennai. It is a integrated film studio. MGR film city was established in 1994. It is managed by Government of Tamil Nadu. MGR film city abbreviation is M. G. Ramachandran film city. This film city was dedicated to popular actor and late chief minister of Tamil Nadu M. G. Ramachandran by DMK Party. MGR film city has a film institute, attracts tourists, attracts film makers and nice place for indoor and outdoor shootings. This film institute is known as MGR film and television institute.

mgr film city chennai

MGR film city is established in almost 70 acres of land in Chennai. It is popular hotspot for several South Indian films. MGR film city contains church, temple, mosque, police station, post office, courtroom, gardens, urban and village etc. These places are used in film making.

Address: Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600113.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is also known as Vandalur Zoo. It is a zoological park. This park is located in Vandalur, Chennai. Arignar Anna Zoological Park was established in 1855. It is spread almost 1490 acres. It is the first public zoo in Tamil Nadu and also in India. It is the largest park in Tamil Nadu and also in India. Arignar Anna Zoological Park is affiliate with Central Zoo authority of India.

arignar anna zoological park chennai

Vandalur Zoo contains the different type of animals and those are Tiger, lion, leopard, Snakes, Different types of fishes, deer, crocodile, water birds, hyena, birds, wild dog, lion-tailed macaque etc. Arignar Anna Zoological Park or Vandalur Zoo is must visit place for families and especially for kids. They will definitely enjoy.

Address: Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Vandalur, Tamil Nadu – 600048.

VGP Golden Beach

VGP Golden beach is the best place to visit for families, friends, kids etc. Especially for kids, it is the most prominent place for enjoy. VGP Golden beach is crowded during weekend days. Just like other beaches in Chennai, VGP Golden beach is also steals our hearts with beauty and cleanliness. At VGP Golden beach, you will enjoy by swimming, going for walk around beach, moon walk etc.

vgp golden beach chennai

Those persons, who have interested in adventuring they can try to surfing at this beach. Surfing the beach is a part of VGP Universal Kingdom. The scenery of VGP Golden beach is perfect and natural. This is the place for relaxation and peace.

Address: SH 49, Injambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600115.

Vivekananda House

Vivekananda House was constructed in 1842. The house was constructed by Frederic Tudor. Early Vivekananda House is called as ICE House or Castle Kernan. It is the historical building in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. In 1897, Swami Vivekananda has visited this place. After visiting Swami Vivekananda, this house name was changed as Vivekananda House. It is the honor for Swami Vivekananda.

vivekananda house chennai

Vivekananda House was maintained by Ramakrishna Math. It is the house of Swami Vivekananda life. Here, you can find the things of bedroom, dining table, kitchen, garden etc, which are connected to Swami Vivekananda. It is near to Marina Beach and Parthasarathy temple. It is most famous and prominent place in Chennai.

Address: Kamaraj Salai, Marina Beach Road, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600005.

Fort St. George

In 1639, Fort St. George was established. It is the most attractive for tourist place and traveler place in Chennai. Historically Fort St. George is also called White Town. It is at coastal city of Chennai. Fort St. George was controlled by Government of Tamil Nadu. Currently Fort St. George was used for the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly and other official buildings. It is the best place for knowledge.

fort st george chennai

The church and museum are opened in Fort St. George. Especially, museum is to understand the significance of history of India. Before Independence of India, Fort St. George was used as Madras bank. In museum, you will get to see the British time weapons, coins, ceremonial dresses, letters, silverware, personal items of residents, medals etc.

Address: Rajaji Rd, near Legislature and Secretariat, Fort St George, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600009.

Victoria Public Hall

Victoria Public Hall construction was started in 1886 and it was completed between the years 1888 and 1890. It was constructed at Park Town, Chennai. The operations of Victoria Public Hall were maintained by Victoria Public Hall trust. It is under Corporation of Chennai. It has totally 3 floors. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Victoria Public Hall was served for public assembly room and theatre.

victoria public hall chennai

Another name for Victoria Public Hall is Town hall. It is historical building in Chennai. Now Victoria Public Hall is used for South Indian Athletic Association club. This public hall is one of the best examples for British architecture. The name to this public hall was given in the Victoria, who is Empress of India.

Address: Evr Salai, Park Town, Kannappar Thidal, Poongavanapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600003.

Chennai Rail Museum

Chennai Rail Museum is the most beautiful place in Chennai. It is must visited place in Chennai. Educational trips to students are much needed. It is famous tourist spot in Chennai. The Chennai Rail Museum was construed in almost 6.25 acre. The advantages of Chennai Rail Museum are engines form British era and vintage coaches. You will definitely enjoys the ride on toy train.

chennai rail museum

By visiting Chennai Rail Museum, you will get blissful experience. For Kids, this museum is must visit. For kids, it is not only fun but study purpose are also very useful. Very interesting and informative place about old and new rail engines.

Address: New Avadi Road, next to ICF Furnishing Division, Lakshmipuram, Villivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600038.

If you know, any famous and most visited places in Chennai, tell us in the below comments section. We will bring those details in this article, which will be helpful to lot of tourists or travelers to Chennai.

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