Kazakhstan – Land of the Great Steppe

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The Government of Kazakhstan has launched a digital application “Kazakhstan – Land of the Great Steppe” at http://mfa.gov.kz/index.php/en/component/
content/article/16-materials-english/6143-kazakhstan- land-of- the-great- steppe. It is digital encyclopaedia of Kazakhstancovering a range of topics which are grouped into ten categories: Geography, History,Society, Culture, Government, International Relations, Economy, Tourism, Astana and EXPO2017. The application, available in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, includes 68chapters with more than 370 photos, 24 video clips, 12 3D objects, 20 panoramic pictures(with a 360° view), 12 interactive 3D graphs and 4 interactive 3D maps.

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